Sat 07/07-2018 Day 249

Pos: 54.8651,-163.4104
Loc: False Pass
Acc: Trident Seafood bunk

no paddling today

We could have…but we needed some recovery and logistics day, and I could see the long-term forecast online this night. I don’t know why I was kind of imagining the Bering Sea is a calm millpond…LOL…it shows us already on Sunday to Tuesday how it can be like. It’s blowing a lot, nicely following though, but with seas up to 3,5 m. Too much for paddling along and landing and launching safely on an open unknown sandy coast!
So we have to wait here in False Pass until Wednesday. Maybe we can leave in shelter on Tuesday already, paddling at least up to the bar.

We had to learn about the tides and currents in the False Pass – it has four tides instead of two, so timing to paddle north is crucial as getting in. Even the barges and smaller boats able to go through the pass have to wait, or they are wasting engine power going against up to 8 km/h current. We have to time it right anyway.

Michal and I felt today like we had to recover from our hard paddling days – and the nightly tries in vain to jump on the local wifi switched on only from 7 pm to 5 am. During the day, we found a more user-friendly wifi network for our office business, though not fully in sync with the network owners…but we didn’t know! Pictures are up anyway now…

I was asking the ladies in the Trident Seafood office if they would be able to borrow us a pair of “State of the Art” local very useful footwear, the Alaskan everywhere x-tra tuff gum boots. Thanks for that! All paths are muddy everywhere, it is obviously cheaper to pave the local’s feet than the area…

We found the local Trident shop, quite newly setup and equipped with most things one can think of eating…to Alaskan prices. I rather afforded a fortune for a box of yummy blueberries than having no fruit. But actually, we are getting fed well here in the canteen, fresh salad and fruit available. About 160 people are busy in the newly taken over fish processing plant, and all kind of imaginable ethnics are around. Many Russians and Bulgarians, Asians, Mexícans, Afro-Americans and Native Americans, among others. Alaska also pays well!

We got a bit scared of the over sized fork lifts shuffling the many containers around, high up in the air, not understanding why they don’t tip over…most of the “Trident Seafood village” consists of containers with different usage purpose. Functional!