Sun 08/07-2018 Day 250

Pos: 54.8651,-163.4104
Loc: False Pass
Acc: Trident Seafood bunk

no paddling today

I missed the official breakfast time between 5-7 am, not the time I like to get up on “dry” days…so two plums and a piece of pastry did the job. But I was diving into the canteen’s lunch buffet, with a huge piece of salmon which is served almost daily here besides other yummy meat and veggie dishes, plus desert cake. Dinner for me was only another piece of cake (or two…). Can’t have a second hot meal the same day…
Thanks to Dean Fasnacht from Trident Seafood to host us nicely in this way!

We made some calls to Europe in the morning and walked a bit around the small residential village. Over winter, only about 60 local people are staying, the rest are seasonal workers.

We checked the forecast again in the Trident office on their local computer, my own laptop is not possible to go online there. The weather has changed a bit to the worse now after it looks like a good day offshore on Wednesday, but they might still change again. We plan now to paddle on Tuesday 30 km with the current out to the easternmost lagoon corner, and to haul over. Wednesday, we hope to paddle long past the next lagoon. And then we’ll see how it develops with the swell and wind…basically we need only two or maybe three good days to reach the next village Nelson Lagoon. See how it goes!

We went for an evening walk along the beach north, and found at the end a good size river. We were excited to walk up it’s rocky bed, the various streams still shallow enough to cross with our XTRA TUF gum boots…but unlike on the beach, here it felt like being in deepest darkest bear country with a bunch of paw prints. Michal carried his bear spray and picked up a stick while hopping from river island to river island, I carried my camera and was talking nonsense in a loud voice…LOL…, but no furry fellow showed up until we exited the river bed on a wheel track which led us to the local trash dump…another bear party place! They had initially made an effort to fence the area, but the fence was torn down on many spots, and the gate was wide open…so why the effort to fence it at all? No bears here either (now…).

Now all what’s left to walk for tomorrow is to the airport, and then we kind of knew all False Pass village area…at least we felt alive again on this little beach walk, back to our sea environment. As nice and friendly as it is to be hosted at Trident Seafood, we feel more at home on the beaches and on the coast than in a factory village with huge piles of containers, many places under construction, with naturally muddy gravel roads (thanks for borrowing us the XTRA TUFS!), work noises of heavy equipment almost all day and a huge generator running 24 hrs. But earplugs do the job! Amazing how people can create a village in such a remote place. This is where the money is made and the natural Alaskan resources of fish are processed! Without these places, we won’t have the yummy fish fillets on our tables…and without the friendly hosts in theses places, my circumnavigations would be much harder! Thanks again for the friendliness of the people working hard there and looking after us! I have been hosted in many similar remote places, like pearl farms, coal mines, navy stations…always a pleasure and interesting to see how life is working there.