Fri 09/08-2019 Day 441

Pos: 64.5749,-163.8023
Loc: behind White Mountains
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 41,6 km
Start: 07:00 End: 17:30

Omg, this paddling day had an overload of natural beauty!
I investigated first a small relatively new tin cabin at a place which was named on my chart as Chiukak. One might expect more than one cabin when there is a name on the chart, but sometimes there is even nothing (anymore). The door was wide open, the windowpane was broken out, inside the usual trash. Why? This hut was not older than a few years. It had a make-shift driftwood ladder leaning on the solid tin roof, sure I needed to climb up for a better overview over the area. Two inland lakes before lovely mountains, a really lovely place for hunting! But I did not see a single large animal like bear or moose, despite bear tracks on the beach.

The next place marked also on my chart was named “Square Rock”, and yes, a piece of solid rock was split off a headland, about twelve by twelve meters high, and from my approaching end really square! One tiny arch under the massive block needed to be developed from virgin to mature in the further years to come. Then there might be enough space to paddle underneath without getting drowned by the tiny swell LOL. Thousands of birds occupied the block and the steep high cliffs on the mainland headland. The cliffs continued in pink and white colors and lots of fantastic shapes and small caves. I landed on the narrow but steep gravel beach with some sand below the cliffs for more and better pictures. A high waterfall invited for a shower. What a paradise rock wall! Bear tracks also here, how the heck did they get here?

I kept on paddling, investigated another hut in a shallow sandy bay, also abandoned and doors wide open. But this one had still a bunch of usable stuff in the mess of many upside-down cardboard boxes and trash, like food tins, books, even a TV screen. But no one has been here for years…I checked the food tins, and pinched a can of corn and a can of sweet apple pie filling…naughty me…

I was thinking that was it, but the cliffs continued right after the bay, they got higher and higher, with even more fantastic headlands. After the Square Rock came to the Triangle Rock, then a Triple Arch with two holes to paddle through for best luck, and many more interesting formations. I got quite dizzy from looking up the higher and higher cliffs, plus thousands of more birds circling around my head, off the cliffs, back to the cliffs. What a natural spectacle! These cliffs would be worth a motorboat sightseeing tour from Nome, not sure if they do offer this? I was taking endless pictures, and was even hoping at some point there would be my beach soon coming, I had really an overload of natural beauty impressions!

When the long beach came, I saw first many rusty pieces of a wreck littering a small beach under a deep black rock. Just next, on the pink-white beach, was even more rusty stuff – an old mining site! I got out for a look, if in the main house there would maybe still people, as it had two reasonable shape cars and a satellite dish, but no one was home (anymore).

The many heavy old rusty mining tools proved there have been some better times…not sure what they were mining here – gold?

I kept on paddling to a nicer looking section of the beach behind a tiny headland, I liked to have a natural beach look again. All beaches here, on calm conditions, are easy to land, but the high on the beach piled up logs prove of worse times in severe weather. Here behind my gravel spot with my tent has even a real log wall developed, mixed with gravel. I don’t want to imagine the sea conditions when this wall has been piled up. Or has that rather developed with sea ice? I had to climb it and found on the meadow behind many blueberries for a dinner starter. Nice!