Fri 12/07-2019 Day 413

Pos: 60.6239,-165.1779
Loc: Nelson Island north
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

no paddling today

We had a lot of long talks last night how to continue our trip, and did both get very little sleep. The conclusion was it would be most reasonable to finish our mutual section in the big city of Nome, where it would be easy to fly in and out.

We have many reasons to do so.
The most urgent and formal reason is that I simply have overlooked on booking our flights that Fylkir was traveling only on a regular three-months tourist visum (until September 3rd), whereas I have a B2-visum and could easily fly home as booked on September 25th.

The second, more personal reason is that Fylkir needs a break from the gypsy paddling and traveling life with me, and needs to take up a regular job again, which will likely keep him in Iceland for months.

The third, very personal reason is that Fylkir is simply not enjoying this Alaskan section of the trip as much as our recent two-month section in Mexico. He simply feels not adventurous enough to deal on the long run with the wild nature, the daily little unknowns of navigation with imprecise charts and satelllite images, weather, tides, chage of biorhythm, campsites, encounters with bears, and with the small and possible larger (we did not even have…) inconveniences and dangers of the life on a long-distance paddling- and camping trip, which – for me – makes it just interesting and challenging. People are different.

We will (likely) continue tomorrow, and might stay another three weeks on the trip until we will reach Nome around 5-10th of August. Fylkir will fly directly to Iceland and will take up some work to support his own life.

I would like to use my available time and will try to look for a follow-up paddling partner from mid-August in Nome until mid-September to either Kotzebue or Point Hope. I will post another blog entry for details and infos for this possible paddling partner. If there won’t be anyone available so short-term, I will try to ship the other kayak from Nome to Kotzebue if somehow possible in a reasonable way, and to continue by myself, or I will fly home myself for this season, all is possible.

We kept on discussion our options on a wonderful hike in the mountains of this headland, a relief after so much low-land. Not really bear country here, thanks goodness, rather moose, caribou and musk-ox according to the locals. The wild meadows with different flowering and yummy smelling grass in various heights, very soft moss and lichens and low bush made us walk on like on a trampoline was very wet after the heavy rain this morning and the low-hanging clouds all day. We both were happy about our gum-boots. We hiked up with our poles to some snow patch, and saw a herd of musk-ox close to another snow patch in the distance. Amazing huge animals with large fur-coats! A flock of six of those large brown heron-style birds was the other wildlife we spotted, plus some beaver-dams on smaller rivers blocking them to small ponds. Many piles of caribou and musk-ox poop everywhere on the dryer and more rocky areas. Allover, despite some rain, a wonderful hike!