Fri 23/08-2019 Day 455

Pos: 65.1753,-166.9404
Loc: before Port Clarence
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

no paddling today

One more strong 20+knots headwind day to sit out. Nothing exciting happened, the usual stuff to pass such a day like reading, cooking, small repairs, talk and a hike around our doorstep lake.
Tomorrow, we are supposed to be able to move on with a yesterday’s forecast of morning north-northwest to west 4-8 knots gusts 11 and afternoon swinging to southwest 7 to 8 knots gusts 13, seas low with 30 cm. I am hoping, Karel will send me a similar or even better forecast this evening…then we should be able to reach the mountainside and even paddle a bit more west.