Fylkir news part 4

Getting closer and closer
The low´s and high´s of the water, challenges of being ON, staying ON and keep ON paddling. Going places puts things in a new perspective, for the most of us a process, we all look (in a degree) for and need in between. Like formatting one´s hard disk on the computer, us humans do need a reset one´s in a while. Seeing it coming or feeling it coming, when not prepared, can create a complicated situation. Was myself not expecting, a lot of the things we have been dealing with, none have been physically extreme hard, in any way some could have been avoided, others not. Like lifting weights or training of all kinds, strain and pain moves, seeing, reaching out, and caching the move created. Can be a rewarding thing in a high degree, like riding big or small waves, collecting the right moments and signals is the key, to make it all count in the most positive way.
In SHORT the last few weeks, have been a BIG eye opener for me. A new view of my life in whole, have been developed, through each hour of many, together with a lot of paddle strokes. Have made me rethink a lot of things, not only my paddling style – even though that one also have changed a lot – but much more my whole lifestyle. Without going to details, things have been up and down for me, the last few weeks. Having a person like Freya in the other kayak, and on the other side of our sleeping pad, have been a “lifesaver” in these situations. As like mentioned earlier, weather have been much, much better than expected for this part of the world. HARD situations or dangerous, have not been bugging us so far either, so it´s all been going on between my two ears. Now seeing more clearly land, or light at the end of the tunnel, we continue with an open mind towards the city of Nome, with full wind in the sails.
Placing our path right, time- and geographically have been a challenge for us lately, the situation and challenges solved by Freya. For the most, things have gone our way, and not been costing us to much of an extra effort. Makes one think back home to Denmark, where we don´t have anything of these situations to deal with, and still we are able to face challenges, as a sea kayakers in the most pleasant of waters. Must mean that my European IPP3 degree, and my Danish DGI 2 degree, do not give enough “understanding” of what IT is all about. Must work on that one when I come home again !
The big difference in high hightide and the low hightide, have been a quite new experience to deal with. This was one of the main reasons for us taking the biggest leg (so far), on this section a 91.1km in one stint, moving us such a great distance in one day, is well worth the extra days of resting afterwards. Ending up in now water on the last 7km´s, was also something to learn from. The almost 20 hours it took us to do this one, opened doors for what we can as a team, on future possibilities of long stints. Opening because of a good weather, or the whish cut of km´s via favorable crossings. Ahead are some very interesting options of this kind, which hopefully will be open for us, when we come to where they are positioned.
Encounters with the local people, have been very interesting, and a joyful part of what we have experienced on this section. Together with all the lovely people of Reel Action Fishing Camp, which we spent some quite nice days with. Learning to know people, from other parts of the world, have also been a new experience for me. An experience I really enjoy, and find interesting I a very high degree. Every one has a story to tell, peoples view even though the don´t match mine, I find it interesting to hear about, and learn about the background for peoples views. In all it makes me want to broaden my horizons, even more in the future, through kayaking or other means, I look forward doing some more of this.
If we now are halfway, or almost halfway through this section, depends on how much we place our efforts on crossings, or going closer by the shore. Picking longer or shorter days, also have a huge impact on our progress, in general I now feel much more, positive towards what is ahead.