Mon 12/08-2019 Day 444

Pos: 64.4985,-165.4254
Loc: Nome
Acc: Radio KNOM house

no paddling today

I agreed yesterday with my local contact Katie that I’m more than happy to stay this first night in Nome on the beach, as I had just settled down, became cozy, have internet and batteries and nothing to suffer here in my Hilleberg Hotel. Katie would be more prepared and have a better time to get me settled also rather today on Monday.
It was raining without end already the whole night, and this morning it did even increase.

Maybe I was camping again a bit too close to the waterline…? Katie would pick me up around noon, and at 11.45am, a first stronger wave inside the breakwaters of the harbor was reaching my tent and rolled underneath. Waves inside the breakwaters…yesterday, it has been dead calm here…and the tidal range is only 50 cm…but as always in sounds or bays, the water is getting pressed in with certain wind directions, and this was south-west again.

But don’t even think I was now getting in panic LOL, my Hilleberg Hotel has a solid waterproof bottom, and can take a few washes rolling underneath – as long as they are not getting too high. They did not, I left my packed bags inside to keep them dry from the rain until Katie showed up at 12.15 pm. Thanks so much for picking me from the beach! High time now LOL! She looked a bit puzzled about my choice of the campsite and was wondering if I’d be always camping so close to the waterline? Well…I was still almost dry on a higher sandy spot, tough surrounded already by three sides with water…

Katie, a volunteer at the local radio station “KNOM”, took me to the house just beside the station where up to six volunteers can live. Now, there are only three in town. An ideal accommodation, radio interview included the next days THANK SO MUCH!

I settled in, loaded the laundry machine and walked for the post office to pick up my parcel with the gear which Fylkir had sent from Hooper Bay. It felt a bit sad to unwrap all the things belonging to me but which I had carefully selected for his use. Now, my next paddling partners will also be able to benefit from them…