Mon 26/08-2019 Day 458

Pos: 65.4453,-167.5659
Loc: before Kanauguk river
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

no paddling today

Wind up to 20 knots from SE, and seas as lumpy I have not seen them since Naknek, plus a rainy drizzle – no way to paddle today. We stayed inside until 11.30, and in a drizzle gap, we decided to have a hike up the smaller river canyon to our south. Crystal clear water, dead (and alive) fish-free, the small creek was running through barren mountain walls. Just shingle rocks on the steep walls, nothing else. Still an impressive location. We saw some hoof track and poop, but not a single moose or caribou. We were hoping to see some behind every river bend and got lurked further and further in. Finally, we ended up in some plateau with some accessible mountains to the left, which we climbed until we hit the low wet clouds and didn’t see much any more. Nothing to see anyway on the ground, just the view down to the river gorge would have been nice.

But at least we moved our bodies for three hours, which is urgently necessary on days off. One can’t lay down all day and read all day, even inside the tent, I try to have multiple positions on reading.

The forecast is unsure yet, we’ll see if we might be able to continue tomorrow or have to wait more. Hopefully not the latter…but it must be safe paddling for both of us. Yesterday just after we landed, a coast guard helicopter flew over our heads and definitively saw us. They had seen us already some other day when we paddled before Port Clarence inside the big bay, they even turned two loops for a better look. Well, no one had asked me in the US to stay in touch with the coast guard guys…Not many other low flying planes all the other days.