Sat 10/08-2019 Day 442

Pos: 64.4978,-164.6270
Loc: before Port Safety
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 44,3 km
Start: 07:25 End: 16:30

Thick fog this morning, but dead calm sea and wind. I continued along steep impressive cliffs, the fog was just about thin to see everything So nice! I looked into small caves, gaps, and gullies, a never-ending playground. One diving platform with a fast zodiac was anchored in a corner, it looked like it was still active, but no one was on. Another one was floating offshore in the thick fog, I don’t assume they were busy now? What was it doing out there? Another diving platform plus zodiac, snowmobile and many other technical tools were grounded on the beach and very much abandoned. What a waste of tools and material here for searching for…what, actually with those diving platforms? Also mining?
When the beach started again after maybe twenty km, things became much more boring…or? Something blue-green caught my eye – a plastic bottle? Or maybe – one of my loved glass balls? YES! One small one was sitting there just on top of the sand near a piece of a log! Beachcombed from the water!
A maybe 500 m long fishing net, anchored in the sand with an orange big float offshore, was looking like no one has attended it for a long while…so sorry for all those wonderful fish, mostly salmon! Many of them still alive and splashing, some of them already picked by the seagulls, many of them died underwater or afloat with the belly up. This net caught probably hundreds of fish, but it looks like no one is emptying it! A shame! If I’d be after alive fish, I’d peeled a wonderful poor still splashing salmon out of the net for my own table…but I feel neither interested nor capable to do so. Fylkir would have likely taken one…two more nets coming a bit later looked like they were attended regularly, what a difference!
Well, at least I saw later one single fishing boat driving out of a river mouth and had the hope they would look after their net right NOW…
I stopped investigating the many cabins meanwhile coming up by the beach, the nearing of Nome is visible, also with a road leading along the beach. Still, most of the cabins looked abandoned…
Quite some strong headwind came up around 1 pm, and I had to fight a bit more and harder if I’d be reaching Nome tomorrow. And that is the plan! Monday and Tuesday are very bad headwinds, so I’d better be in…where? No idea yet…