Sat 20/07-2019 Day 421

Pos: 61.5196,-166.1520
Loc: Hooper Bay
Acc: free room

no paddling today

The last day of our unwanted, but productive asylum in Hooper Bay. I’ve got a lot of office work done. Tomorrow we are leaving for The Yukon delta. It will take us three days to get there, Sunday we will be paddling along a shallow coast with still many onshore wind waves, but they are low and just wet. Then one landing inside the Melatolik Creek bfore we weill enter the Yukon Delta. We are hoping to paddle upstream for about 40 km before we can hit another delta arm which will take us out north via Kotlik into Pastol Bay. Then two days to Stewart Island, where we are hoping for calm weather to cross Norton Sound. Then it’s only a few days to Nome!

State Trooper Rob took us today on a guided ride through town, and we got a lot of inside information. We could also have a look into the relatively new school house, and were impressed by the huge size and well equipped state in relation to the village. In the library, we spotted more than 50!! huge TV screens, all unwrapped yet…all for the school? Kid’s holiday’s summer camp was up, where three white ladies kept the kids busy with games and play. Nice effort! You can see the kids here running around like the stray dogs, completely unattended, anywhere in the village, at any time of the day and of the night. Like I saw this already in Greenland…it is a very different society!

Tomorrow we’ll be back on the water!!! High time!