Sat 24/08-2019 Day 456

Pos: 65.3834,-167.0286
Loc: river inlet
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 32,0 km
Start: 7:40 End: 15:00

Two days off – now it was time to move again! It was still quite windy tonight, and cold…it is slowly but surely getting autumn here! But the sea in our big bayside was calm, and the wind was actually not too bad. Maybe ten knots from the northwest, so we were pretty much sheltered on the water.
Still, as soon as Ross feels some wind on his nose, he forgets to paddle…and we were teaming up again almost all day in tandem. It works pretty well! We both paddle our speed, and we don’t lose each other or need to wait. And together, we paddle a quite well speed!
We came across the buildings from Port Clarance and learned later only it was an old Coastguard station. It looked actually pretty new from the distance, but all windows were nailed shut. Six big oil tanks made us wonder what they were planned for?
A dead whale decorated sadly the point of Port Clarence. The sea across to the mainland looked very calm, and we should have no problem crossing in a tandem. Off we were! Ross told me later he was worried all the time on the crossing if he had closed his pee zipper? How about a check on the way? in the light northerly wind, the sea close to shore was dead calm, and it was easy to land on the steep gravel beach for lunch. But we decided to continue as far as we felt to go, as conditions were easy today, and who knows about the next days?
The wind was to change to a light southwest in the afternoon, but in tandem, we made good progress. There was also a good current with us, which kept us going together with 5-6 km/h. Not too bad. Still, at 3 pm, I guessed we had enough for today. I stopped right before a large river, which formed a very clear lagoon behind our gravel beach, but unfortunately, the water was slightly brackish. So far, we have still enough water, but a refill with a good stream wouldn’t hurt.
About one kilometer before we landed after the crossing, four ATV’s were riding high speed from east to west. When we made camp, another cone came from Brevig, with William and Fred on top, two hunters in my age. We had an interesting chat about their area and lives, and they also told us there would be an Eskimo dance festival next weekend in Wales. Perfect! We’re hoping to be able to be there on time! We can only learn about their culture!