Sun 04/08-2019 Day 436

Pos: 63.6259,-162.5164
Loc: Stuart Island North Bay
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

no paddling today

Omg…day three alone on a lonely island…I am starting to get crazy here…

It was a dead calm night after the two stormy days, and I was seeing me already on the crossing. But I also knew it was only the calm before the new storm today, this time not from the southwest, but from north-east, and thankfully not 40+ knots but “only” 20+ knots. But the onshore waves now created a horrible looking high surf…no way to leave here!

But amazingly, the high tide water stayed way below the calm-water high tide mark when I arrived and even more wayyyyyy below the high-tide on the strong SW-offshore winds. It seems like, with strongest winds from the south west, a LOT of water is pressed into Norton Sound, despite here in my bay still calm. With strong north-easterlies, the water gets onshore surf, but also pressed out of Norton Sound in general and does not really reach a high high tidewater level.

I had taken precaution to gather rainwater in my two open kayak hatches the other two strong rainy days, as I brought to Stuart Island only water for three days, and here is not really a freshwater stream to find on this flat marsh island area. I could harvest out of my hatches eight more liters. I’d drink it even unfiltered, but rather use it for cooking. The other fresh-water source I found was an old fiberglass boat close to the hut, also filled with rainwater, but this one I rathe will boil. I have no water filter with me, but will at least not run out of freshwater anytime soon and be forced to retreat to Stebbins and the coast. Food I have still enough.

So far, the last forecast sounds good for Tuesday, with WSW 8-10 knots gusts 12, seas 0,40 cm, sunny. Tomorrow is more gusty and rainy and the sea might not have calmed down enough. If it does not change to the worse on Tuesday tomorrow evening, I will suffer another unproductive day tomorrow, and hope to cross safely on Tuesday. Though I already marked and checked the inland waterway, I am not really tempted for that solution…