Sun 11/08-2019 Day 443

Pos: 64.4985,-165.4254
Loc: Nome
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 42,4 km
Start: 06:45 End: 14:35

I haven’t seen dolphins for weeks, and they are always my lucky sign when I see them! There was one right on my launch, and I knew I’d be lucky on my way to Nome and in the city.
The weather was my first luck – calm in the morning, following winds in the afternoon. Perfect. I made good progress.
Some interesting scenery to watch with many summer houses or cabins, but most of them in a desolated state. So sorry…in a desolated state were also three stranded walrus about 13 km before Nome they were the only ones I have seen on this side of the sound, no other dead animals after the crossing to see, and for a while on the other side also. Sure, none of them had tusks any more, and all were already picked by birds. No bear tracks any more either close to the city.
I was also not sure what the early Sunday morning activities at Cape Nome were meant to be. On serpentines four stories high, Cape Nome looked rather like a quarry where they broke off rocks and drove them continuously with trucks to Nome City. Maybe that’s what it was all about, no new road building or such…?
I found three more of those floating diving platforms with that long thick hose. I need to find out what they are for! Another three platforms floated offshore close to the harbor, but they looked different. And I saw kind of a big cruise ship in the harbor! I expected everything, but no cruise ship here…?
The closer I got to Nome, the more cars drove by the coastal road. Yes, proper cars, no four-wheelers like in Hooper Bay! Though all dust-covered…Also, there were no four-wheelers driving at the beach, although it was Sunday. This was a favorite past time in Hooper Bay, but it seems like here in Nome, the state of the art is a real car – and they have real roads! Well, at least to a degree, and to a limit. Nome is still not connected to the other world, though I have heard there are plans to build a road from Fairbanks.
I was happily waving to most cars, hoping someone would be curious about me and be stopping for a chat? Not yet…I was stopping by two young men preparing for open-water swimming in neoprene suits. Brian, an officer at the city government, and his friend were just about to get wet when I was asking them if they knew some cheap or free accommodation? I could camp in their backyard…thanks very much for the offer! I noted the address and might get back to them (if I’d not be offered a room somewhere…). That’s Alaska! I also saw among the many city-like buildings a fancy looking hotel…but this was out of my budget LOL! At least Nome is feeling like a “real” city, compared to Hooper Bay or Quinhagak…
I paddled into the harbor and decided to stay right on the beach inside the breakwater, where there was no one around. Outside, the surf was quite lumpy, inside, the beach was dead calm. I planned to put up camp, go for a swim and a hair wash in the really inviting looking water, rinse with fresh water I thankfully kept enough, and settle into my tent. By chance, I switched on my phone although I have learned ATT&T is not working in Alaska, only GCI with special phones…? Not here in Nome – I could buy a data pass on my German sim card and go online!
Thank goodness, as on the facebook comments I saw a lady asking if I’d be stopping in Nome? Sure! A quick note, if she knew an accommodation…? Yes, sure, she can put me up! Thanks so much, Katie! She is working at a radio station, and likes also to interview me…ok, this was (almost) the last luck of the day! Internet and facebook is magic…
The very last luck was I had still plenty of batteries, now unlimited internet and I could work online tonight and tomorrow in my tent, as Katie will have time to pick me from the beach tomorrow…all perfect! I have so much work to catch up with…so all well now! Tomorrow, I’ll be in a house for the rest of the chores like laundry, charging my devices, shopping, and whatnot. I will have five days off paddling, and will likely start over with Ross on Saturday. He arrives Thursday. I will have to pick my spare kayak from the airport warehouse, and a parcel from the post office from Hooper Bay with the rest of the gear, and…, and…, and