Sun 16/06-2019 Day 387

Pos: 58.7178,-160.4273

Loc: High Island
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 35,6 km
Start: 08:10 End: 15:30

Fylkir said he has slept only about two hours last night…hmmmm, was he dreaming about Sandy? He seems not yet to be in tune with nature and wildlife here. It will come. He was, unfortunately, a bit grumpy all day with that little sleep, although conditions were dead-easy on the crossing to first Crooked island and then High Island. We had low following wind, but some counter current most of the day, so speed was moderate and the surface a bit choppy. We saw our first puffins today, always cute! I still remember the one who let me hold and kiss him last year in Alaska… A lot of seals greeted us around the islands.

We briefly stopped for lunch at Crooked Island, and it did not look like any bear sign nowhere. A BEAR FREE ISLAND? We crossed over to the impressive high-rugged High Island, and on our wide beach spit, there were again no signs of bear traffic – another BEAR FREE ISLAND!? It will give Fylkir some good sleep – hopefully.

I repaired a leak in my day hatch, in a cloud of flies. Not so pleasant, so we disappeared quickly into the tent, even for cooking. A bunch of rain showers with sunshine in between plays April weather. We had our dip in the clear sea but were sweating alike when the sun was out and the tent closed due to the flies. That’s Alaska summer! I didn’t expect to sweat much here…

Time for a good night’s sleep, and a better mood for my man tomorrow…!