Thu 08/08-2019 Day 440

Pos: 64.4050,-163.1771
Loc: Rocky Point
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

no paddling today

LOL at Stuart Island I could not wait to leave, here on this beach on the mainland I afford another day off. I am supposed to meet my new paddling partner Ross Elder on August 15th, and I will likely need four days to Nome to paddle along easy coast. I had the forecast for the next five days, none of them looked too bad, but today was supposed to be headwind up to 16 knots in the morning and 19 knots in the afternoon. So I decided I don’t need that effort, though I recovered well after yesterday off. Well, amazingly none of the stronger headwinds happened, it stayed calm all day, but I did not regret I stayed another day here.
I went for a wonderful morning hike up the mountain to a rocky peak, and had the most lovely view over everything! No wind, I was surprised some bugs stayed with me straight on the rocky top. I basically hiked on bear paths through full-ripe blueberry fields, on the soft moss and some low bushes. No bears or any other animals to see anywhere. Not much sun either, and it started to drizzle on my hike back down to the tent.
I continued to work on my slide shows, a work I would have done also in Nome while waiting. So why not here, when I have plenty of laptop batteries? But I will keep on paddling tomorrow now, along a likely nice and calm coast with both beaches and cliffs. A pleasure after all the muddy waters!