Thu 13/06-2019 Day 384

Pos: 58.5793,-159.2090

Loc: Black Beach
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 38,6 km
Start: 08:35 End: 17:00

It came to me later, when a blue and white small plane flew low over our heads in the evening, that the wheel tracks from the last beach were from a plane and not from a motorbike. Sure we are in Alaska! Later when we landed for exploring we saw many more, it seems like small planes, most likely from the fish and game department, hit the beach frequently. We also saw more human paw tracks than bear tracks, and not a single bear (yet…).
Other finds at the beaches were two very dead walrus, one on the eastern side, one on the western side of Cape Constantine. Wheel tracks around, bear poop heaps around, but no precious tusks any more at the animals. One had the head cut completely off, at the other we found a small stump left on one side. Not sure who is harvesting these…the locals or the authorities…also not sure what would the situation be if we would find a freshly stranded dead walrus who has still the tusks on…it is a treasure, walrus ivory!
On a small stream, we decided to refill our water bags. The water is tanned but clean and fresh. In the distance, we saw a large gray wolf running along the dunes. We found some fresh moose and reindeer tracks, also some older bear tracks, but none of the matching animals. I also found a huge bone, likely a whale skull, whale pelvis or vertebra, no idea.
A few eagles were on watch on the cliffs, and a bird of prey was chasing some smaller bird in the air. They flew quite some stunts!
as for the paddling today, it was quite strong easterly wind, first slightly onshore, then wonderful following pushing, then offshore. All on calm seas, with easy landing with tiny surf anywhere. Alaska paddling could be harder! We landed quite often to have a look at the hinterland today to spot some bears, interesting views, but no fur coats to see. One day!