Thu 15/08-2019 Day 447

Pos: 64.4985,-165.4254
Loc: Nome
Acc: Radio KNOM house

Ross Elder, my new paddling partner for the next four weeks, was due to arrive today 11.40 am. Katie was so nice to drive me to the airport to welcome him. Thanks for that, Katie!
We settled down in the house, unpacked his gear, and I showed him the kayak and my gear I can provide for each paddling partner! Ross fit perfectly in “Fylkir’s shoes”, at least regarding the solid local brand x-tra tuff gumboots Fylkir left for him to use, good. Alaska is nothing worth without gum boots…

I fitted Ross in his kayak, and we went shopping for the rest of our food needs, plus some strong glue to replace the cockpit bags. As an artist in glass etching, Ross is also quite the handyman in kayak repair, thank goodness. He is also keen to cook and able to handle a gun, just in case – all well needed qualities 🙂

We went for dinner with Katie for a pizza, and even managed to pack the food in ziplocks, before we went to sleep. We will have Friday off, drive to the beach in the evening, and start over on Saturday with some good weather days ahead. Hope it holds up!