Thu 22/08-2019 Day 454

Pos: 65.1753,-166.9404
Loc: before Port Clarence
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

no paddling today

All night we had a shaking tent from 20+ knots northerly winds, which increased during the day to around 25 knots – no day to paddle, neither just by myself nor inside the “shelter” of the big bay. So we slept in, read, talked, read again, slept again, and had a short walk to the other abandoned fishing camp north of us. It was a slight bit larger but built in the same style with driftwood poles, tied together with rests of nylon rope. No tarps around, but the usual trash of abandoned camps. One ATV, one snowmobile, three wooden sleds, some wooden bed frames with an old spring mattress in the sand, plus a quite intact cod. once more the sad feeling this place had thrived years ago with a life of fishermen, now it seems like no one needs such camps anymore. besides the musk ox…plenty traces, and plenty of poop. It almost feels like here has been resting a whole herd – or these two leftover animals from a herd every evening?
The forecast for the next days just came in from Karel – reliable as always – tomorrow will be similar weather and off, but Saturday will be low winds and in the afternoon even low south-westerly wind, perfect for our small 7 km crossing. Sunday also south-westerly, but up to 15 knots and Monday nasty south-westerlies to have another day off. I’d like north-easterly offshore winds on this coast, to be quite protected from the mountain range! We will have a nice paddle along these mountains, hopefully, we find enough landing spots, as my satellite images are bad in this area. But we have plenty of food and water will be easy coming from the mountains. And Tn City and Wales are not too far away…