Tue 06/08-2019 Day 438

Pos: 64.4050,-163.1771
Loc: Rocky Point
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 28,1 km
Start: 09:30 End: 16:25

I did not sleep much but felt I needed to take advantage of today’s sunny and dead calm conditions. Yes, today would have been the much better long crossing day…be sure, with a paddling partner by my side, I would have cared much And I likely would have off today also to recover.

But I like to push myself, and rather looked forward to a joyful paddling day, strolling along the rocky headlands and tiny beaches on crystal clear water. I also found a few bear prints on top of this beach when I refilled my water bags with very yummy crystal clear cold clean mountain water. Alaska back again at it’s best! Gone are the muddy waters and coasts, but also gone their warmth and the lack of bears…positive or negative?

I praised the wonderful day, could not get my eyes off the details of the coast with many birds and small caves, and enjoyed the natural eye candy all over. I had no rush, took many pictures, and even didn’t mind the final 20 km crossing to the other well-visible headland. When I reached there, I landed on the first tiny sandy beach for a pee and had lunch. My appetite was back, and I felt just blessed to be privileged to be here on this sunny beautiful part of the world.

The last four kilometers around the headland, curious seals were eyeing at this stranger in their territory. My new beach looked more inviting, though the right corner looked like a huge lumber yard and even smelled like one in the warm sunshine. With the right conditions, all those floating logs do pile up in this corner. But today, the sea was calm and stayed way at the bottom of the wide beach. Some bear prints again, but who cared…we will get along! I slowly made camp, dried everything out, had a body wash at the ice-cold river, and just about had energy left to climb a grassy steep cliff to find the usual bear trails all along the coast. But no fur coat to see anywhere. My prints on the beach were not fresh, a mom and her baby, she will give it a few thoughts to guide her cub into “a stranger’s land” when she might plan to come down by the river…I am not worried and fell asleep very soon after some fight with the electronics.

When Karel confirmed there is no really bad weather coming up which would stick me again on the beach for some days, I agreed with myself I will have a recovery day off tomorrow, as in my head, there were still strange sounds from the effort of the long crossing day when I fell asleep. I listened to my body and knew I just need more rest than yesterday’s slow paddling…but for the next days to come, I am able to stick to and to enjoy the coast!