Tue 09/07-2019 Day 410

Pos: 60.4976,-165.2250

Loc: west of Umkumiut
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
no paddling today
we slept first until 9.30 am, had breakfast, covered the tent from the sun with our sleeping bags and kept on sleeping until 1.30 pm before we slowly and painfully rose for doing some chores. we felt like being in a sanatorium, recovering our sore bodies from last day’s and night’s efforts. I knew I would need rather two days rest, which will turn likely into three or more as we know already Thursday (minimum) will be strong winds-off. Good for physically and mentally recovery to tackle the next long stretches. Around this headland will be a pleasant day, before we have to cross again along mudflats with doubtful river-mouth entry landings.
The first pleasant job was walking over to “our” waterfall for a proper wash of body, hair and some clothes. It feels so nice! We puzzled all afternoon around camp, and I decided to boil the still bloody end of my new walrus tusk. Mhmm, walrus broth…yuck! But the bleeding stopped, not the smell though…the guys at the Fish- and Wildlife office in Anchorage where I will tag my finds promised to teach me in smell-free walrus teeth maintenance…maybe it simply needs some toothbrush and -paste and Corega-Tabs LOL!
Many boats passed by all day, but none of them stopped. We might walk over to the village the next days for some contacts. Today, we still have not energy enough yet for walking…we are getting older and recovery from a 90 km/ 18,5 hrs paddling day is taking longer!
We will look at maps and charts tomorrow to see how the trip will be going on next…at least it won’t end for Fylkir in Toksook as threatened many times when he was not happy with the situation!