Tue 11/06-2019 Day 382

Pos: 58.6147,-158.2077

Loc: East Point Nushagak Bay
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 26,1 km
Start: 08:15 End: 13:05
A good quiet night in our tent, we woke both a bit sore in the bones from the unusual work. Packing was chased by the running up tide, and Fylkir go stressed not to fit all into his boat before the water caught his kayak. He had to drag it up a couple of times. Tomorrow morning, I’ll help him packing…it had all fit in Naknek!
We paddled long steep mud cliffs. On highest tide, there was not much space for a tent. Few spots were sandy, or a river mouth broke the cliff line. We started with bright sunshine like yesterday, but soon at 9 am, a thick fog fell down and stayed all day until 6 pm. Not really exciting to paddle, despite the tide ran out now which would be just right for the crossing of 30 km. But we chose to cross the big Nushagak Bay tomorrow when we are fresh, hopefully without fog. We are still a bit in jet lag, but it’s getting better by the day.
We had to lift again our kayaks up a rocky beach and found a sandy spot to camp upfront the cliffs. Not much to see here in the fog, besides the magically disappearing water which came back with might late afternoon. Power of nature!
we were working on a few gear adjustments, and I feel sorry for my dry suit being messed up all over the bottom with a white gel coat. I gave a shot with pellets out of our gun, quite a recoil when you don’t hold it properly! Fylkir set up again his bear fence, despite here are not even footprints…well, I take it as a practice for polar bear country…