Tue 13/08-2019 Day 445

Pos: 64.4985,-165.4254
Loc: Nome
Acc: Radio KNOM house

no paddling today

A lot of work today, the usual online stuff. Plus I walked to the FWS to get my other two walrus tusk beach finds tagged on my name.
As a non-native foreign person, I am allowed to pick up walrus tusks, to get them tagged on my name and to keep them to show them around – but unfortunately, only within the US. A call later to the export department, with whom I have been emailing already back and forth, confirmed the situation. Absolutely no export of raw ivory allowed for my conditions, and I also can’t sell, barter or transfer the on my name tagged ivory pieces. I can fly with them within the US, send them via mail within the US, and display them happily on my talks within the US. With a letter of my permission, other people are allowed to keep them for me and to fly with them for logistic reasons, but all also within the US only. But I will do the best out of it! In other countries, the pictures must do 🙁

The afternoon, I went to Lynden transport air cargo at the airport to get my spare kayak which Fylkir and Rob have wrapped and shipped from Hooper Bay. My heart stopped almost beating when I saw my kayak outside, leaning almost vertical on some stuff, not really looking stable in this position…what if a strong wind blows it off this leaning position? They had taped it allover and reinforced the hull with few small wooden planks and the ends with cardboard which was basically nice. But I had to work hard to get all the tape off the hull…well. At least my baby was still in one piece, and the cargo manager John was so nice to volunteer to drive it with me to tow. Thanks so much, John!

I spent all evening drying and cleaning the kayak and gear inside… 🙁 but was glad to have it back besides me! Ross will be happy to use a nice clean kayak…