Tue 27/08-2019 Day 459

Pos: 65.4453,-167.5659
Loc: before Kanauguk river
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

no paddling today

Day number two of our unlucky long beach stay…it looks like FOUR days off – I can’t recall I ever had that on a beach! Well better waiting for safe weather for both of us than taking any risks. We have endless water n a nearby clean creek, food for maybe more than ten days, and enough batteries for a while. Besides some kind of impatient boredom, we have not much to suffer. Ross is fighting a bit to keep dry clothes, as he unfortunately packed not the right fluffy-fleece-no-cotton quality for under the dry suit and for camping. Not that I ave not written it on my pack list… How much I’d have wished to reach already Wales in this bad weather gap! It is not even that much wind, maybe up to 18-20 knots, but the seas are as high as I have never seen it since starting over again in Naknek this June. Almost intimidating shore break! It is noticeable we are nearing the Bering Strait…
We had to move our tent up the beach yesterday before going to sleep, no tides are threatening with 20-30 tidal difference only, just the horrible wash of the lifting sea hit already my tent wall side. Now we are safe on the sand close to the low mud cliff and would have even gone upstairs for more peace from the breaker sound if it would be flat there. But at least we could sleep now a bit better and with no worries. All rainy and foggy this morning, which lifted again on our afternoon walk out to the cliffs south of us. Impressive seas to watch! Ross has paved again his side of the vestibule with large shingles, LOL! We live in style! A lot of new fox traces around, but no bear or hoofed animals. There is plenty of dead fish and birds on the beach and even more plenty dead crabs.
In the tent, I was desperately checking my two laptops and my phone for loaded games, but I use to delete everything I never use. I found only some Solitaire card game I have never played. Ross could teach me, and I got hooked for some hours as long as I think I have enough battery power for this entertainment. We also created out of our small plastic cutting board some checker game and collected black and white small flat cobbles as players. We just found out that German and American checker rules are very different…but anything helps to spend the time by not only reading. Next year, I’ll take a small physical travel games collection, load some games on phone and laptop, pack a crossword and Sudoku puzzle and such stuff. Never felt so far I’ll need it, but four days off on the beach are loooong.
It was yesterday a meter, for today 1,50 m, for tomorrow 1,20 m seas forecasted, which is not really swell measurement, but wind-wave measurement. For swell height at the US West Coast, this is low, for here, it is LUMPY like hell. We will need 50 cm and lower, to be both comfortable, which will be likely Friday and Saturday, with accordingly low winds from east. So chances are good to still reach Wales latest on Friday in time for the Eskimo dance festival!
The seas are already a slight bit lower than this morning, but nothing inviting yet, not even for me…