Wed 12/06-2019 Day 383

Pos: 58.4208,-158.7830
Loc: Cape Constanine
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 42,9 km
Start: 08:35 End: 16:40

I was so dead tired yesterday when I wanted to write, I barely could keep my eyes open. I need to start earlier writing…
We planned a crossing of Nushagak Bay today, and felt it was a much better choice than in yesterday’s dense fog, after already 25 km of paddling. Freshly slept, and with a relaxed packing for Fylkir after yesterday’s practise with my help. He suddenly even had space for two more bags, if needed!

Fylkir’s adaption to the trip on the Alaska end goes well, as it is more like his homecountry Iceland than Mexico, but we still haven’t seen any bear yet. We had bought the bear fence for polar bear country, but Fylkir feels he already likes to put it up every night now…oh well, another half an hour work in the evening, and ten minutes more in the morning for a peaceful night’s sleep. No problem, and good practice for the nasty white buggers later. And I have a happy man.

Our gun also sleeps loaded besides him, on my end it did and does the bear spray. But also good practise.

Our bear fence is a model with trip wire igniting 12-gauge blank cartridges to scare the possible intruder away – or at least to wake us up if one is sniffing up to our tent. Different to the electrical fence, it doesn’t need batteries and charging, and is pretty lightweigt. Four aluminum poles with two straps and tent sand pegs to stabilize the pole, white braided fishing line and the shooting units for the blank cartridges do the job. Looks pretty reliable. I just wonder who of us is the first one to run into the fence when it is “sharp”…

Other new gear for me and Fylkir are great ankle-high paddling boots with zipper and a solid profile sole, sponsored by NRS (kill me for forgetting the model name…). I always thought knee-high Boundary boots I got from NRS before must be warmer, but those ones top my highest expectations with that thick, soft profile sole and the top end of the boots covered with the oversleeve of the legs of my Kokatat expedition dry suit. No warmth can escape through the top or through the sole. The large pack of footwarmers I took along this time seem to be fully surplus…! Thanks to NRS for giving us the boots!

Fylkir got a dry suit sponsored from Kanoekajakcenter from NRS with a shoulder zipper, neopren neck gasket and hood which he is very happy with. The shoulder zipper across the back is so easy to ventilate and to take the top off! He also got a new Neptune PFD from Kokatat in frog-green, matching nicely his frog-green dry suit from NRS. A quite cool looking and highly vsible combination!

We also got new BluBandoo visors to keep our head cool of necessary, and the sun away from our eyes. I use this visor type already ever since, mostly in combination with a loop scarf. Thanks to Cindy Benedict for providing me those!

Old and proven gear are the Speed wing paddles from Lettmann, spray decks from Snapdragon, seat pads from Skwoosh, radios from ICOM, under deck and deck and cockpit bags from North Water, waterproof pouches for electronics from Aquapac, a selection of dry bags from Zölzer and, best of all, our Hilleberg Keron 4 palace! Thanks to all sponsors!

The crossing went easy, moderate side wind, mostly flat water and strong current at the end. One single dolphin to spot, no whale, walrusses, seals or sea lions. We landed at a wide river mouth, which inspired fylkir to go fishing later – we’ll see if he has stil energy. First, we both walked abouth 500 m to the broad river for a swim, both of us butt naked in the evening sunshine, Fylkir with the gun on his shoulder. LOL! The water was not as cold as it could be, but also not fully sweet to refill our bags. We might need to find a smaller stream for that, but for a refreshing bath it did the job without sticking slat water on the skin. Alaska beach life! There are a few motorbike wheel tracks on the beach, no idea where they cam from…?