Wed 14/08-2019 Day 446

Pos: 64.4985,-165.4254
Loc: Nome
Acc: Radio KNOM house

no paddling today

I decided to take at least two walrus tusks back home to Germany – and bought myself a cute walrus stuffie 🙂

Katie invited me for an interview at the Radio KNOM station, which was not live on air, but will be broadcasted soon. I’m hoping a lot of local people in the upcoming villages hear it and might be happy to host us!
I went food shopping for already a large part of the next section of the trip, but Ross will have to add his own goodies when he will arrive.
In the evening, it was dinner time with ten local friend in the house. Katie and Jojo made some effort to cook self-caught fish. Thanks for the invitation! Though I must admit my tolerance level of ten young happy people talking and laughing simultaneously in my not native tongue plus the radio running in the background was no lasting forever, and I retreated to my room soon. Am I getting old? 🙂