Wed 28/08-2019 Day 460

Pos: 65.4453,-167.5659
Loc: before Kanauguk river
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

no paddling today

Day number three of our unlucky long beach stay…it still looks like FOUR days off to make us both happy to continue. I didn’t sleep well this night, thinking I am hearing some scraping noises outside of some little animal. It turned out our local fox was busy at night to dig out some trash we really thought it was deep enough buried to be gone forever, but we misplaced the additional fat rocks on the spot.
Our hike of the day led us over the large Kanauguk River mouth we could just about cross with gumboots and hiking poles on a shallow rapid. We were curious how the coast would be continuing – and also curious if we might be able to hike out from here to Tin City or even Wales…which would not be plan B but plan Z.
Before crossing, we saw some bear tracks across the river mouth we haven’t seen so far, and when we came back, we saw they led straight along the sandy beach to our camp…! But there was also a new trackback…we were just worried when the big bear might have decided to turn around? Our finally deeper buried and covered trash depot should be now even bear-safe…thank goodness, the new tracks turned around about 500 m before our camp. These tracks could have also been from yesterday or the day before yesterday, as last time we hiked the direction to the Kanauguk River mouth was on our arrival day afternoon. We were walking low on the beach when we left, and I saw a large track up the beach but thought this was from ourselves. It seems like the bear had lost interest to walk fully along the beach to our camp which he couldn’t have seen from his turning point. Either he was full from the many dead fish and birds on the beach, or he got some smell from us upwind and thought he better is gone somewhere else. No new moose or caribou tracks, just some groundhogs rushing in our out of their holes.
The walk north along the beach would have taken an end at some cliffs, where – if we’d want to hike to Wales – we would have to climb the mountain behind. But this won’t happen anyway, we have solid hope to paddle out on Friday.
I noticed the rudder on Ross’ kayak was almost falling off, and after dismounting, I saw once more how flimsy and badly my kayak (rudder) was manufactured in China. No wonder the original kayak manufacturer had to stop his bad composite kayak business. We had to wreck the pole foot off the pivoting stern rudder piece fully off, tighten the screws, and re-glue it with epoxy together. Hope this holds now. There is always a new shitty manufacturing issue I haven’t had yet on my more than eleven babies I have used so far…but I still love the design of my FREYA kayak!
The sea state was as worse it can get this morning but is now finally (hopefully) going down. Maybe we can go tomorrow, but latest on Friday, we’ll see how the next forecast tonight is looking.