Finish of this section!

Despite my reasonable sleep, my mind wanders on the forecast along the coast, and I am contemplating first time this morning to call it a day for this section just here. I am mentally and physically worn with this paddling style. There are easterly headwinds all day, and if at all, paddling until noon is only doable. If I am lucky, I can cover thirty kilometers, rather less. Then I have to ‘rest’ on a hot air oven beach, with nothing else to do than seek shade and hope to recover my body for the next day. It is enough for this section, the crucial strong easterly wind section until Costa Rica I will cover when I am fresh again in November when it is possibly also a bit less windy.
Decision done, I notify my Navy guards and ask again if they have an option to store my kayak in their station in the river mouth? Sure, no problem! We load my kayak and bags on one of the boats, and with a smooth ride, we arrive inside the river. The ‘Navy station’ turns out to be a three by three meters tin shed with two stock beds. The guys are calling around and confirming the local Navy cannot store my kayak, it was a misunderstanding, but they call around to find other options.
Parallel, I get in touch with the German embassy and my US- and Canadian friends in San Juan del Sur if they see a possibility for storage or pick-up? Luckily, the German embassy soon offers to store my kayak in their cellar, I just need to find a ride to Managua. The Navy has also no truck available, but they find a private transport guy with a nice roof rack on his truck who is happy to take over the transport for some expensive eighty dollars. Oh well, it is the only option…and they finally do a good job. I enjoy the ride on the back of the open truck to watch my kayak and am happy it rides high up on the roof and is not sticking out long from the mostly too-short truck bed. Trafic close to Managua is dense, and my poor kayak sitting that low would be in immediate danger. So all good!
Thanks very much to the Navy of Nicaragua to provide me with the security escort along their shores. Who knows what it was and is good for! And thanks very much to the German embassy in Managua to make all the contacts and to store my kayak!
I’ll be back in Managua on November 5th, 2022, fresh and full of new energy!