Fri 04/12-2021 Day 639

Pos: Pos: 15.6957,-96.4252
Loc: Playa Tembo
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 51,7 km
Start: 08:00 End: 15:50

I have to make a wide berth to get out of this rocky bay, but all is easy going. The swell breaks mellow over the shallows. Today’s paddle is at least not so windy, and the sea is calm-ish compared to yesterday. Still, I need to kill the distance up to the interesting, rocky section along another endless beach. Around Agua Blanca, beach landing looks doable, but soon, things are back to nasty breakers – until the first rocky headland shows up in the distance! I am swapped already from my audio book to music to keep awake as the monotonous voice feels not like powering me up – when I hear a noisy whale spouting just ten meters behind my right shoulder, no two spouts! Two black monster rise out of the water so close to me, likely curious who makes this strange music noise! I am already paddling quite close, maybe fifty meters, to the beach as the break is mellow again, and these two huge guys are not much further away! I quickly check how I am attached to my kayak, just in case, but I am very sure the whales would never lift me or punch my kayak on purpose. But I assume the second one is a baby, and who knows if he has learned already his manners…? They pass me safely, and stay ahead of me in sigt for a long while.So nice! The first close whale encounter on this trip section!
The headland is quite lumpy, and so is the next rocky point. But the more I turn into the huge bay, the calmer the sea becomes, and all feels safe. I enjoy the paddle close to the cliffs now, and squeeze behind some larger rocks, just for the fun. Finally, I am away from the endless beaches! Well, until Salinas in three more days…
Just when I paddle close in behind some reef, leaving two huge rocks far offshore, I see a movement there – a kayak! Can this be already rebeca and Ivalu? Sure, they must have thought lets go and meet her on the water! But they are so far offshore, about a kilometer or more away, as they plan to leave the two huge rocks to their right. I blow my whistle about five times three times a short sharp noise and wave my paddle to get their attention, but no chance, they are far offshore and do not hear me and cannot see me against the cliffs and the sun. Bad luck, ladies! I keep slowly on paddling, as it is still eleven and a half kilometers to our agreed beach, expecting them to turn back around anytime soon to make it before sunset. But my frequent turns do not make them showing up for me, as now it is me looking into the sun.Well, we will meet at the beach!
I land, and soon a man comes up to me asking me if I have seen the kayak with two ladies? Sure I have, but they have not seen me! They will soon show up, I think. I start unloading, and the man from one of the beach restaurants is keen to carry my bag to where he says the two ladies are camping. Oh well, I’d fancy the nice remote natural corner and not the restaurant area, but let him carry my first bag.
Just now, I see the double kayak arriving! I stop unloading, and position myself to wave them in. I have no idea how their landing skills are, and just now come some nasty breakers. I signal them obviously right, and as soon as the sea is down again, they sprint safely in and I catch them. All good! But was that not supposed to be the other way round – they are expecting me? No problem, we are happy to finally meet!
I fancy the camp close to the remote corner, and start getting my stuff there. The other bag I will get later. Rebeca and Ivalu climb a cliff for better cell phone reception, but have no luck to call Heriberto. They also set camp whie I am writing, and order some food from the beach restaurant.
Tomorrow, we will have a nice paddle together further into the bay up to Puerto Santa Cruz where we will meet Heriberto! Why does he not also paddle with us together?