Fri 09/12-2022 Day 775

Pos: 07.9609,-82.0499
Loc: Isla Seca south
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 41,9 km
Start: 6:10 End: 15:00

No strange animals, no people, I am just by myself on my tropical white sandy coral beach. When I am just afloat, I notice a concrete walkway going up to the house ruins – maybe I should have explored the site a bit this morning? I was so tired yesterday, and the sun set soon. And now, I am already afloat, so no exploring. And when I run into people from the next bay this morning, it might be also embarrassing. In the next bay, I see the expected cabin, but the site also does not look alive. Only one lovely beach on Isla Paridita has three cabins, and a plastic sit on top tied up to a buoy afloat. I see one human being running around, and we wave at each other. The other ‘humans’ on the main island I spotted turn out to be white cows on a meadow. I am already wondering wh they do not wave back. Besides that, here is no boat traffic or any other signs of civilization. It is quite a remote place.
I cross a beautiful cluster of rocky islands, before I aim for my next archipelago, the Islas secas. I know on the north Island is a fancy resort, and I spot some hidden roofs. I like to camp on a white beach on the southern island, and hope there is no one around. I see only one white sportfishing boat in the very distance, likely serving the resort. My beach is deserted, thank goodness. When I explore the shady high site under the palm trees, a fat though nicely green painted container stands hidden in the bush on poles. It is well locked, and has something strange sticking out upfront in a tube, looking like a surveillance camera. I assume this piece cotains beach kit for the resort, but it could be also for nature research or a smuggler’s depot, who knows? It does not look friendly to have it near my camp, especially as I am not keen to check if it is really a surveillance camera. I prefer a camp on the other beach end, close to a small river. The stream forms a sweet water puddle with some fish swarms, and I use it to rinse myself and clothing after my short snorkel session. I discover a huge blue and siver striped fish, maybe a meter in size, plus a bunch of moderate and smaller ones. They are all close to the cliffs where some rocks end up under water. Otherwise, the sea ground is just white sand as much as the beach, nothing on it. Corals are scarce here, but a few. Allover, snorkeling is not exciting yet, but worth a go as the water is at least clear.
In general, I think I have the worst of the Pacific big swell and shore break behind me after entering Panama around Puta Burica. The forecast shows the seas as far as I can see low under a meter, and landings should work fine in most places. I deserve it.