Fri 11/02-2022 Day 663

Pos: 13.5759,-89.8342
Loc: Acajutla
Acc: VIP apartment in the harbor area
Dist: 0 km

I am up early as usual for office work, some small repairs and even rinsing my kayak. I am just done when Claudia arrives, in tow two people from the tourism office, TV, press people and the lovely harbor master Roberto Mendoza. All enjoy endless picture taking with me and my kayak, and interviews starting with “tell me about your experiences on your kayaking trips” – where to start and where to end? We move down to the beach for more authentic pictures and interview. I am playing the old game, and people are happy.
A small tour to the local supermarket for buying again fresh water and some fruit, once more with a personal attendant, this time her name is Alicia. We have Claudia in her embassy car with her lady driver behind us – could we not just have taken only one car, and then have lunch together? But she signs off for other work, no problem. We sit nicely in a beach restaurant, and I enjoy my loved shrimps-camarones, four large ones, well spiced with rice and onions. My favorite natural lemonade rounds the local lunch experience while the high tide waves roll out half a meter besides our table and bump against some heavy sandbags. We have half moon now, so seas should be moderate. I wonder how this looks here on a spring tide? Making business when the sea is slowly eating up the restaurant properties must be tough. At least this beach confirms my decision not to have landed here yesterday. It is doable, but not friendly and possibly trashy.
In the afternoon we have a small conference with some other maritime authorities over maps and weather tables, so nice how many information the locals like to provide. I listen to their advice, we try to make a float plan, but who knows what will really happen when I travel along the beach of El Salvador. Landings will mostly be still tough. I have to take care. At least we picked the most likely and possibly reachable places. But anything can happen, as always. I agree to the idea to sign out of the country close to La Union a bit up the Golf of Fonseca, and Nicaragua would also be most happy to sign me in in Potosi. Crossing via the islands might be more interesting, and I am in no hurry, though my original idea was to cut across the southern ends of the Gulf. The tourism office lady is also happy to organize my necessary PCR test on the last day for entering Nicaragua. Thanks, but one is wondering why one is three times vaccinated.
Overall, all authorities and my German embassy contact Claudia in El Salvador are as friendly and helpful as in Guatemala, muchas gracias to all of them! I am keen to see finally some different coast with rocks and cliffs, but I have to be careful as the beaches are shallow and rocky now, and surf spots and camps are everywhere on the long rolling waves lines. I just have to stay away from any surf corners! How am I yearning a coast with safe and sheltered landings…it is coming, latest in Nicaragua!