Fri 11/11-2022 Day 747

Pos: 11.2511,-85.8760
Loc: San Juan del Sur
Acc: Susanna’s and John’s home
rest day

How can a body be so painful in the morning? I can barely collect my laundry for the washing machine and organize my pile of gear dumped somehow into my room. Susanna cooks a delicious breakfast I happily thrive on. Tortillas with cheese, eggs, and veggies are nothing anyone serves me at the beach. But it is also not the fuel my body runs on while paddling all day. I need grains full of carbohydrates mixed with powdered milk. But it is all about the changes, and I am very grateful for the lovely couple looking after me here.
Little things comfort me, like a pile of freshly-smelling laundry the dryer spits out after a while. My lovely hosts, Susanna and John, put much effort into driving me to the immigration office and the port captain. I find my baby sleeping next to the captain’s office. I need to do my paperwork to leave Nicaragua with my kayak tomorrow. The port captain in Playa del Coco in Costa Rice expects my arrival. Stephan Bansbach, a Costa Rican with German roots, provides me with a place to stay in his beach house in Playa del Coco. But he might not be present, and I might have all to myself. Thanks to all!
Our short town tour gives me an idea about life in San Juan del Sur. Susanna and John invite me for dinner at a beach-front restaurant, where we struggle to fight our oversized plates. The beach disappears here at high tide, but people swim anyway. The view out of the bay with the many boats is lovely. Susanna points out the ‘gringo alley,’ where many white ex-pats run businesses of all kinds in tiny outlets. I treated them to Italian-style ice cream, but I had better ones. I shop for fresh apples, bananas, and pineapple for my next section, as living on dried food is no pleasure in the long run.
On our way to town, the whole area was flooded after heavy tropical rain all morning. The river and meadows were just a brown water mass. Driving back home after those two hours, the brown water floods had already diminished significantly. It is an incredible difference. My body has also recovered a lot, so that I will continue my trip tomorrow after only one day of rest. Thanks to Susanna, John, and the Nicaraguan Navy for looking after me so well.