Fri 25/08-2023 Day 874

Pos: 67.7051,-113.8706
Loc: past deep bay
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4
Dist: 49,2 km
Start: 6:15 End: 16:20

My first night alone in the large tent is as comfortable as it can be. I can spread out everything, do not have to worry about overhanging open sleeping bags, and am not bothered by snoring and sleep-talking.
It is windy in the morning, around fifteen knots from north-west, and the sea is a little choppy. But nothing to worry about, I know it will ease out during the day. But it is also chilly, and I wear my PFD for warmth for some hours. I am finally getting used to the pogies Jimmy was so nice to leave for me, and my hands are at least not getting so cold that they become unfunctional to anything but paddling. But warm is also something else. On shore breaks, I pee on purpose on them to feel a little warmth.
Cabins ar still allover the green coast, but only one in the afternoon has a boat and some people waving at me. But I paddle past in some distance. No animals to see besides geese, and I have my doubt about bears here either. But who knows, I am well-armed.
I paddle along an easy green coast with landings mostly everywhere, and can hide behind many islands. In the afternoon the water is very calm, and so is the wind. I have nothing to suffer but cold temperatures. My feet never warm up on such a day, but my hands finally do better. I have three or four beach stops to briefly walk around to get some blood into my cold feet, but keep paddling while listening to my audio book.
I just have set camp when it starts to rain again, once more perfect timing like yesterday. I will sleep well! Not much else to report.