Fri 25/11-2022 Day 761

Pos: 09.4249,-84.1691
Loc: Quepos
Acc: hotel room
rest day

I have another wonderful recovery day for my skin in the aircondirtioned hotel room, paced with office work. Adrian, my initial Coast Guard contact, made magic work after even my German embassy contact was not able to change the Capitania’s and Immigration officers’s mind with a direct phone call. Now, the coastguard comes up with the idea they can drive out to the mouth of the wide Golfo Dulce leading to Golfito. They plan to meet me at Playa Carbonara at the south-western corner, to finalize my paperwork right on the beach. This is a perfect idea, thank you! And it saves me three days extra work to paddle into the dead end of Golfito.
They ofer me an escort tomorrow, nice idea, but not really necessary. I take it as an honorable escort, thanks! Also, on all further coastline of Costa Rica on the Pacific and Atlantik side, I will have their full support when needed. It might be also helpful for the paperwork on the Atlantic side, so all good now with the authorities!
I like to do a quick to the small supermarket around the next corner, and am wondering if I simply ignore that I will bet wet in the strong evening rain. But to my surprise, Costa Rican’s buildings all have kind of a balcony roof in the first floor to keep the walkway below dry. Perfect! Yes, it is raining here a LOT. I shop apples, a pineapple, potatoe chips and a small cup of ice cream. Amazingly, the two latter did not feel as much as a treat as in non-paddling times. I am living on grains with powdered milk, healthy bars, dehydrated fruit, good grainy cracker-rbread, tube-cheese, salty cashew nuts and the occasional apple when available. All healthy stuff which eeps in the heat and I brought from home and which will last me for this section until Panama City.