Fri 26/11-2021 Day 631

Pos: Pos: 16.3294,-98.5655
Loc: Punta Maldonado
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 35,8 km
Start: 07:40 End: 17:40

A calm night, a smooth paddle along another day of non-exciting coastline on calm water with low winds. Just a landing would have been not very pleasant anymore in between, but who needs to land during the day? Today and the next four days until Puerto Escondido are pure endurance paddles, my body is working like a machine, my mind is entertained by an audiobook. No job for everybody, and honestly, I would also prefer it differently, but this section of coastline is part of the game. At least I can watch some pleasant cliff lines the second half of the day, and launching and landing is easy.
On slowly approaching my landing corner, listening to a friendly man waving from his beach restaurant site to land at his place is not the wrong choice, as a camp between a major line of fishing boats does not look pleasant. I need to refill water anyway, and would not mind a shower tonight. My skin tends to get salt water rashes, and a sweet water shower is necessary. I walk around, talk to the man, relaunch quickly and paddle the hundred meters to their site. I get a shady, clean campspot, a bucket shower in their private bathroom and am supposed to pay only fifteen pesos for twenty liters of drinking water, a shower and the well-raked, shady site. I generously round it up a bit, as I am not ordering any food or softdrinks. I am sure my stomach likes better to stick to my own food.