Fri 29/07-2022 Day 707

Pos: 70.4988,-151.7037
Loc: nameless island
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 41,7 km
Start: 9:15 End: 18:30

A calm night, and an earlier start than yesterday gives us best conditions for a long day. We have to cross for thirty kilometers, but it is easy going on calm water with a light following breeze. We are paddling almost as fast as yesterday, but not only pushed by the wind but by music. Lilja likes my style of music, and keeps up as well as the other days. Although the day is dry, we have frozen hands and feet when finally hitting land on one of the Eskmo Islands. A huge red object lurks us to explore, we made several guesses what it could be. A stranded rescue boat? A modern red igloo? A simple modern red tent? It turns out to by a giant fender, wrapped into a net of solid chains. I never have seen such a one, and not stranded on an Arctic beach. It is about three meters long, and one and a half meters thick.
We boil sea water to revive our hands and feet, eat and drink hot chocolate. And – gues what – the sun comes out for some seconds! We have not seen her since Barrow. She hides soon again, but briefly warms our bodies. We are ready to continue for another twenty kilometers. We have to thread through an island and through mudflats, but make it all right. A solid island lurks us on the way to the coast to stop after forty-one kilometers. We have enough for the day, and rather like to dry a few things out. The beach on our nameless island is full of logs, but a sandy spit is just enough for our tent. Here are no tides to be expected, so the path from the water to the campsite is short.
I decide to cross the upcoming wide river delta inside, despite a detour of roughly twenty kilometers. The benefits if stopping for a city day in Nuiqsut are too tempting. It will be a long paddle to the village, not sure if we stop somewhere before and rather arrive on Sunday. Saturday evening is always a bad to arrive in a village.