Mon 08/08-2022 Day 717

Pos: 70.1859,-147.3501
Loc: before Tigvanak Island
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 0,00 km
strong headwind rest day

It is blowing over thirty knots easterlies at night, at least according to the noise our tent zipper cover is making in the wind. In all peace, we sleep in as our plan is to use once more the calmer night hours for a good, easy paddle. The afternoon it is already under twenty knots headwind, but it is also uninviting foggy and drizzling with bad visibility. The wind is supposed to be lower and turning to westerlies after midnight, just what we like. Only Tuesday afternoon, it will be blowing pretty strong westerlies again, but according to Karel’s last forecast ‘only’ gusting twenty four and not twenty-seven knots anymore. It sound like we are just able to handle this, and we do not need to get up that early at night. I hope to realize when it will be the right starting time with beginning westerlies which hopefully also blow the fog away. There will be many shoals to navigate, and being stuck in shallows is also not our fancy. But I am confident we will make good progress tomorrow, despite our repeated rest day.
At least we get our bums up around eleven o’clock in the morning for a hike in the fog, and get once more reminded this is not a bear-free country. We find a bear trace of a smaller shoe size which is not on our sandy patch, and to my knowledge it is not from a polar bear. It could be from last night, but is more likely a few days old. He came from the east with the wind and left the sandy patches about fifty meters from our tent. IF the small guy came along when we were already camping, he likely has mistrusted the strange noisy-flattering object on the beach as he could not smell it and made a detour into the higher grass cliffs. Well done, boy. But the trace is more likely some days old, and he walked away from the beach for other reasons. We do not feel threatened but once more reminded we are guests here in their country. Lilja has not seen a bear yet, but her nerves cope well with their possible presence. Maybe it changes when the first furry fellow comes in sight. Hopefully it is a grizzly and not his white brother.