Mon 12/12-2022 Day 778

Pos: 07.6209,-81.2714
Loc: Isla Santa Catalina
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
rest day

I needed the rest day, body and mind are back to being eager to go tomorrow. I did my homework on checking wind forecasts and maps. I will take seven paddling days to the Marina Buena Ventura, and another three days to Panama City. As my Panama City host Hennie Marais has contacts at the marina, I will stop there for 2022 as I do not like to bother anyone over x-mas in the big city and also like to spend the holidays at home. It looks like I just about escape the strong north wind which is due the next weeks. Still, the last three paddling days going north might be choppy, especially when the wind breezes up more than forecasted. But the seas should stay down until Monday. Seven more paddling days in one go, and I have a well-deserved break at home.
I might continue for another six weeks by mid-march until the end of April, instead of restarting already by the beginning of February as originally thought. Actually, I have not researched the Atlantic weather pattern yet, but now I know a bit more.
I walked my nice white sandy beach up and down, and am amazed why the village people of Santa Catalina are unable to keep their beach clean. It is obviously a very popular one at least on week ends, but it is littered with plastic trash. A group of school kids or even the many boat drivers themselves, plus a bunch of large plastic bags and a few hours time would quickly clean the beach and the nearby reef on low tide. Even the smaller scattered metal parts of the old wreck could be reoved to avoid injuries. But it seems like no one cares. The ruins of the old hotel building are also not too pleasant to look at, but the jungle has covered them to a big part. Well, it is their island and basically pretty beach. Maybe when the old hotel was still alive, conditions were taken care of as someone had a direct benefit from a clean beach.