Mon 19/12-2022 Day 785

Pos: 08.0002,-80.3617
Loc: Punta Lisa
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
rest day

The forecast for today is rough headwinds all day. I can use a physical rest day, and as the breeze keeps my tent cool, things should be bearable on a ot sunny beach. It is blowing all morning well over twenty knots while the tide is running up choppy on the shallow point. High tide is around noon. At maybe ten o’clock, the wind and seas calm slightly down, to become calm until three with even some light following wind in between. Then it is unfortunately blowing again twenty-five knots. I could have paddled and railed along the muddy mangrove coast, but liked to give my body a rest as I finally decided against a stop in the Marina Buena Ventura. I can enter and leave this fancy place through the river only around hight tide, which gives me only two half days to paddle, or even less.
If the weather pattern is similar tomorrow, I will give it a go along the coast. The first reasonable river stop is in twenty five kilometers and there is a sand slightly behind. When I have a similar low wind window around noon, it should work to get there. When it lasts longer or it is not so rough anymore closer to the corner, I can keep on paddling. The forecasts change by the minute and by the centimeter I put my cursor on the map. Karel also has his opinion, and I have to compare this tricky corner to the reality. In the worst case, I am stuck on the mud on the tide becoming low. In the ideal case, I can cover the distances where I can land with no problems.
I have still enough basic food, and a reasonable amount of battery power until Panama City. I will need to refill water once. I am short on dry hygiene paper, but was hanging the sleeves of my wet wipes I do not urgently need to dry inside my tent as a funny laundry. I am looking forward to finish this section!