Mon 21/02-2022 Day 673

Pos: 13.1642,-88.0024
Loc: Playa Chiquirin
Acc: room in Puerto Corsain
Dist: 0 km

I wake with the feeling my body urgently needs some days of rest. But this is my regular rhythm on my paddling trips – the body is resting, and the mind is extremely busy, or working out physically on the water and beaches but mentally not much input, especially when I cannot be fully online with my laptop.
This morning, I am lucky to finally get fast wifi internet access here in the guest house of Puerto Corsain, thank you very much. I rather dive first into some work for my Janny’s Eis cafés, it feels like being a bit ‘home’. Only late afternoon, I add more work for my trip.
At ten o’clock, the people, driving three hours from San Salvador, arrive for the PCR test which is compulsory for entering Nicaragua. It is once more Laureen from the tourist office which I met already in Acajutla, with a doctor and a nurse. That is very friendly, thank you, and I even get a free test! The only disadvantage was the nurse was probing as deep into my nose as I never had experienced, ouch!
Daniel, the young staff manager of Puerto Corsain, who speaks very good English, drives me to the supermarket of La Union for getting some fresh fruit and a paintbrush. I like to add another smooth layer of epoxy to my kayak hull. Unfortunately, the last layer which I painted in Puerto Champerico, did not dry full out over the whole length, and sand was sticking to some areas which did not get smoothed out while dragging the kayak over the beaches. I sand everything smooth and paint a new shiny layer. Hopefully, this one dries out fully within two nights and one day! I do my best to get the mixture right.
In the evening, I have a hard time stopping working online and go to sleep in my regular rhythm, I have so many ideas about what I could do!