Sat 02/09-2023 Day 882

Pos: 67.9612,-109.9693
Loc: Desbarats Inlet
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4
Dist: 0 km

It is the third day of my prison-stay inside the tent. Last night, the wind calmed down to a mild north-west, which protects my bay. The waves on my doorstep disappeared, and I am already hoping it might be okay to leave. I could not receive the forecast via satellite phone as usual the previous evening, only a call at four o’clock in the morning to Peter revealed that Karel was already in touch with him and told him he could send only an email with the forecast which I then had to download on my laptop. It read not good enough – up to twenty-two knots north-west in the morning, and up to twenty-seven knots north-west in the afternoon. For a longer crossing, this is not what I like yet. Maybe I could have paddled to the Galeena Islands in the morning, but I did not.
Instead, I collected two bags full of fresh water from a rain pool on the cliffs. While climbing up the narrow tundra meadow between all the rocky areas, I saw again the clear signs of root diggings of a Grizzly which I saw already yesterday, but today, I also came across a pile of bear scat. Not sure how old this was as all was soaked by the rain of the last days. On my rocky campsite downhill, there is nothing to dig for, and I feel well protected with my weaponry.
I hope to leave tomorrow. If I feel uncomfortable to cross twenty-five kilometers to the north-east to the north-wetsern point of the Cockburn Islands, I might do the detour with the twelve kilometers south-east first to the Galeena islands, then turning ten kilometers east-north-east into the protection of the Cockburn Islands. Then maybe up to the Wilmot Islands, if the headwind is acceptable. We will see.