Sat 06/07-2022 Day 715

Pos: 70.3372,-148.1334
Loc: behind Prudhoe Bay
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 0,00 km
Rest day

It feels so wonderful to finish a day with the thought of having off the next. Despite there will be likely another even stronger wind coming on Tuesday, we both need to have this day off to recover body and soul. We sleep in, eat, read, sleep…not much else. I think I even will dump my hiking poles in Kaktovik, as the energy for a longer hike is simply not there, even on a rest day. Also, the landscape is not really exciting to explore, and so far, there was only one rest day in a row needed, not two or three like in other areas where the sea is also going up. Here is no swell, no tides, and strong wind creates not really lumpy seas (yet).
On cooking for the evening dinner, we discover that my two similar Coleman’s screw on gas can adaptors do not fit on my existing screw-on gas stoves though they should. Not sure if the cheap stoves or the adaptors are the issue, I assume they stoves are making the problems. We are not out yet of regular screw-on gas cans, but wanted to use te Coleman’s for now and thankfully discovered the issue. My new paddling partner David needs to bring his own stove and adaptor of has to ship regular gas cans to Kaktovik via hazmat parcel.
Tomorrow will be low headwinds and it is as already today back to four degrees Celsius, but we will be well-rested and freshly motivated to tackle a lot of shoal areas before we hit better waters. But “Küstenkanuwandern” à la Udo Beier is also fine and will get us finally to some deeper areas…means dragging the kayaks in shallow water for a while, if necessary.