Sat 10/12-2022 Day 776

Pos: 07.7003,-81.6355
Loc: Isla Afuerita
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 57,3 km
Start: 6:35 End: 16:30

How can an anial be so stupid? I hear the typical crab scratching noise, shine into my vestibule and see a twenty-centimeter crab with one strong scissor in defense position in the outer corner. The poor animal thinks it is threatening me. I just like it to get out of the trap and leave me in peace. But any time I lift the outer vestibule, it hides behind the head side between outer and inner tent. The poor guy must have come in here somehow, and it should be able to find out again, I think, and try to sleep again. But it takes a while and a bunch of wake-ups and punches against my head side until I have my peace. I still sleep well enough.
I see some dolphins on my crossing to the Isla Afuerita and Afuera, and the odd jumping Manta Ray, fish and flying fish. Nothing else, no ships. Just the sea birds enjoy flying their false attacs on me, do they really think they can get me? Endless plastic trash is scattere over the sea, and one can see the currents well where the trash and logs gather most. It is so sad. One should send out a fleet with nets to fish for plastic trash. The sea is calm, my body works like a machine, but honestly, without my audio book or music I would feel not too excited here in these calm conditions. Sure, better calm water than big seas, and I do not complain about a nice current and light following winds. But it is not that nice for me anyore without a paddling partner to talk to. I only thrive on the big distances I can cover alone, and am actually looking forward to the finish of this section to do something else again. Yes, I am getting old, but the big elephant will be eaten one day!
Approaching the gap between Isla Afuerita and Isla Afuera, the already strong current seems to sweep me past, so fats is the rocky island transiting to my right. But I paddle through a gap of rock all right and find me in a shallow calm pool between the islands. I see a sailboat anchoring upfront a sandy beach stripe, but have marked three other beaches on the saller island I like to check out. The first one is sandy, but has cliffs in the back and on high tide not much property left to safely camp. A pity. The second one is gravel, the third one also, but even smaller. Hmmm, I will land on the sandy one for a closer look, but my inspection says I might be flooded on full high tide. The first gravel beach is higher, this will work! I chose a tiny spot right beneath a river, where on the real high tide at six o’clock the wash reaches my tent but disappeares quickly in the gravel. All good. Tomorrow morning, I will be gone anyway before high tide.
I enjoy another snorkel session on the rocky and sandy sea ground, and find myself over the rocks as a member of a fish swarm of hundreds of twenty-centimeters fish. This is worth a snorkel session! The fish stay around me, and when I make only calm movements, all is natural. When I make a fast movement, like a slash of a whip with a similar noise, all fish turn away, but come back soon. I just float, watch, and enjoy the under water world. The water temperatures are comfortable to snorkel, and I always wear a large enough rubber swim cap to avoid having wet hair in the evening. Gloves always cover my hands, and I simply keep all my paddling gear on. I would love to skinny dip, but do not dare for possibly chafing my skin somehow. And who knows who arrives on my beach when swimming.
The sailboat satys a kilometer away, and the small house built into the cliffs on the other side with a boat upfront does not bother me either when I can rinse my skin and clothing in the small freshwater stream. Very convenient, this water I would even drink if necessary. All natural here. From my tent, I could stick out my hand for a refill. Only when a heavy rainsquall comes, my camp position might not be perfect. But it has not been raining anymore since Costa Rica.