Sat 12/02-2022 Day 664

Pos: 13.5121,-89.6003
Loc: Playa Mizata
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 34,8 km
Start: 06:15 End: 13:40

I was waking at four for office work, get a pickup at five-thirty, and are on the water a quarter past six in the first light. All goes smooth, thanks so much to all my helpers in the port of Acajutla!
I soon notice they organized an escort boat out of the harbor, well, thanks! Not needed, though. A second escort boast follows half an hour later. Hmmm, are the waters of El Salvador so dangerous I need overall nine armed to the teeth marine soldiers to protect me? They are equipped for fighting, with helmets, ammunition vest and machine guns, not for rescuing me out of the water – which I would not need anyway. But just in case, I assume the poor soldier boys would be sinking if one of them falls into the water. I fell like the president, well protected and never alone. Mostly, they stay in a well distance not to annoy me, but sometimes not when it is picture and video time on all three sides. It sounds like they are supposed to escort me all along the El Salvador coast. Hmmm, who knows what it is good for…
I give the point south of Acajutla a very wide berth, even on the calm morning waters big swells are uncontrolled breaking here and there. Later, I can get closer to the coast again, and the sun is also not in my face anymore. I feel the long beach before the cliffy area which starts at Playa Mizata, my destination, has very low surf break, but maybe I am only too far out to judge properly. I find a small freshy dead Sting Ray, and can take another lovely picture of an exotic visitor on my spray deck.
When I reach Paya Mizata, my destination for the day, I contemplate to look around the small, seemingly more protected corner, but the wider, earlier beach has fishing boats and looks like the better campsite choice. I judge the surf landable, rush in on the last low wave of a calm set, and watch the BIG stuff rushing in with the bow toggle of my kayak safely in my hand on solid ground. This time it was more luck than patience to not get caught!
Two fishermen come up o me to help me dragging the kayak up and out of the reach of the wash. Thanks, amigos! They also offer me a camp spot under their shady roof and under their supervision, thanks very much appreciated!
A few hours later, I see the first few people with surf boards on my beach, looking like tourist beginners. I expected way more surfers here on a Saturday! On Google, all along the coast I see surf camps and surf hostels, a bad sign for me…
Day one of my “official float plan” done! I was actually contemplating to paddle a bit longer, but oh well…