Sat 17/12-2022 Day 783

Pos: 07.7491,-80.1449
Loc: Playa Candelaria
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 48,4 km
Start: 6:10 End: 17:50

All night, flashes light the sky, and there are still flashes at the horizon and even some little thunder while I am launching. But it is over soon when the light is properly up. I have to round Punta Mala today, the south-eastern point of the large peninsula. It is a low point, not as rocky as the pendant at the south-western side. Still, large swells pile up before the point. As forecasted by my local contact Hennie Marais, northerly headwinds become nasty as soon as I am around the point. Accordingly, the sea becomes choppy with waves over a meter at times, and the seas running from the north. WTF, if this stays all the way up… Me and my kayak are shaking for a while in the chops and I crawl along for five to six hours with three to four kilometers per hour only. When will this get better?
I am short on drinking water and spot a boat launching site at Playa Arenal on the open beach. Seas are still lumpy, but I feel bearly any swell which is breaking. It is already an hour or two after high tide, and the landing looks not too bad. About thirty boats are parking on the beach many of the likely belonging to the fancy housing site I just passed after Punta Malo. Since Puerto Escondido, beach palaces from rich people high up the cliff points occupy the nature. I land fine but fall in the water with the nasty side wash when I climb out. Nobody cares about me, whoever is with the boats is busy. I grab four empty water bags, and find a tab with drinking water behind a small military police station.
My launch goes also unntoticed, though I have to restart once when I jump in too early to avoid the choppy water filling my cockpit and get turned sideways. I keep on punching into the headwind and chops for some more hours, but around three or four, it becomes calmer and more friendly. It is also the tide change, and the water now running into the bay on calm water with low wind speed me up to six to seven friendly kilometers an hour. I resist to land as usually around four, as I can still make easy headway the last two light hours. Who knows how it is going tomorrow, though I assume the chop will be less. Headwinds will be similar, I think.
I find a reef gap, and as it is almst darkness a and I am far away from people here, I decided to have a full bath with hairwash in the sea. I ave plenty fresh water for a rinse after, and I thoroughly enjoy the wash.
What I enjoy less is my mistake not to have closed the tent while bathing in the stupid thought when I do not make light, the bugs will stay outside. When I am rinsed and halfway dried, I retract into my tent and fell already millions of bugs in here before I have even washed my feet, zipped up the doors, and looked for my headlamp. The nasty piece just NOW needs to quit works when I am in desperated mosquite killing mode! I have to use my strong flashlight which I have to hold in my mouth. It is a nasty half an hour while wiping all bugs away. It almost kills my happy fresh-feeling mood. The sky is already flashing again, but thankfully here is no on around who can watch my fight inside the tent. I finally sacrifice a fresh tshirt and shorts, and feel better. Still, my skin is heat-rashed allover and urgently needs an airconditioned room. Maybe in wo days in the marina…