Sat 19/11-2022 Day 755

Pos: 09.7095,-84.9986
Loc: Bahia Ballena
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 44,4 km
Start: 6:150 End: 15:20

TRIPLE-TRIPLE BINGO today! It is the third day in a row my GPS shows forty-four point four kilometers in the evening. How likely is that?
I have to round Cabo Blanco, a major corner today to head north into the Golf of Nicoya. The sea is calm-ish between the outer island and the reef, and with a good distance to the breaking rocky area, rounding the cape is no problem. Finally, the afternoon wind is with me, a relief. I cross another wide bay with a parked large container ship to find my campsite. Not sure what the ship is doing there, as there is no harbor nowhere. My first coice of beach landing proves to be a calm-ish reef gap with a sandy, but very steep beach, and I decide against this choice. I better round the corner into Bahia Ballena, where latest at the village inside the bay, I should find a calm landing. But I am lucky to find a narrow reef gap looking calm enough to land with good timing. It works well on low tide, though the final sandy spot between two larger submerged boulders is just double the width of my kayak. But all goes perfect, and I hop into the water for an urgent bathroom job. That was close! I am still reluctant to jump off my kayak into the open sea. It is strange, as I have and should have no problems to re-enter my kayak, particularly when it is calm seas.
The spot is lovely remote, but for my tent, I have to landscape a bit to create a flat area. I find even a fresh water river and happily soak my body with paddling clothes instead of using my precious drinking water for a shower. Suddenly, I hear voices, and see two young guys mountaibiking the path in the forest just behind my beach spot. When I have a look, the path is muddy and full of puddles. Well, if the young boys have fun on this one… Otherwise, nobody shows up here on a Saturday night. In the village, I might have had less peace. I will cut across to the other side tomorrow, a full forty-kilometers day with low winds but a little higher seas. All should be fine.