Sat 26/02-2022 Day 677

Pos: 12.4725,-87.1879
Loc: Isla El Cardon/ Corinto
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 37,2 km
Start: 06:00 End: 13:45

What a calm, peaceful night with no real surfbreak crashing on my beach! But when I wake, I have to fix some problems in my shop in Germany before I can get ready. Work is always calling on all ends. The paddling day stays quite calm besides two two-minutes gusts, thank goodness. I listen to my audio book and try not to get too annoyed about today’s Navy escort boat crew buzzing ahead, waiting, buzzing ahead again…I look to the coast and imagine they are not there. Why can they not simply stay far behind me, out of sight, out of hearing and out of smell?
I almost caught a fish today. A quite large guy, it was clearly no shark, kept himself busy nibbling on my stern rudder. It took a while for him to realize my little loop at the fin is no bait. Two beaches around Corinto have noisy party music on today’s Saturday, also across my final beach camp on Isla El Cardon. Who can blame them! As soon as I land, my escort boat guys head back to their port. It seems like the local Navy thinks there is more danger on the water than on the beaches, different to El Salvador. I still do not know what they think they like to protect me from – from pirates of from myself falling into the water?
Before I head to my island beach, I have to cross the port shipping line, and I carefully watch a large ship offshore moving closer or not. It seems like not, but later when I am already in camp, two fat container ships come out from port. Quite impressive guys to see passing by my tent so close! A tiny boat with a single fisherman floats for a while offshore, finally lands, and the guy, Mattheo, comes curiously closer for a friendly chat.
I would love to do a walk up to the island top corner where I spotted a light house and a stony statue, but do not dare to leave my camp alone. Thank goodness, on this side of the island, the sun is quite blocked by the cliffs and a tree I am camping under, so I get at least a reasonable, not too hot rest in the afternoon. One more camp, and I need to refill my water bags somewhere. I live quite sparse on my breakfast mix I have two times a day, one apple and grapefruit (as long as they last) and Norwegian crsip bread with tube cheese or salty cashew nuts for dinner and powdered milk as white chocolate replacement for desert. That is all I carry to eat, but I have plenty. It gives great energy, and I do not miss much. As long as I can drink a lot! I top up my water bottle with vitamin and mineral tablets which give also a pleasant fruity flavor to my luke warm drinking water. I am hoping the party noise across the bay is stopping soon!