Sat 26/08-2023 Day 875

Pos: 67.6714,-112.9992
Loc: across many islands
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4
Dist: 39,8 km
Start: 7:15 End: 14:50

North-westerlies up to twenty knots are on today’s menue. As long as the coastline goes a little south-east, it feels okay with the following seas. When it goes due east, it becmes a little choppy. It is not everybody’s pleasure to paddle all day in following twenty-knots winds, and it si cold today with four degrees only. I use the first time on this section my stormcag on packing and keep it on while paddling, which keps my body relatively warm. If it would not be for the cold hands and feet, all would be fine.
I briefly land for a pee on a small sandy spot on an island before the Kugaryuak and Hanerok Rivermout bay, and know crossing the river bay for those five kilometers might be a little tough with the wind fully quartering. But if I do not get past that point behind the rivers, I will not get into the better wind direction again. So I grit my teeth, concentrate on the rhythm of the waves, and push across. I could also have railed the coast, but I feel okay a little offshore.
Around the point the waves get less and some beautiful cliffs are towering to my right. Soon, a steep green hinterland with rocky ridges take over, and landing is possible in many places. The wind is now from straight behind me, and I can relax a little between two larger islands. Another point leads due south, but as the wind and seas are still low-ish here, I dare to cut across– until it breezes up again and I quickly aim for a sandy spot behind some rocky outcrop.
I am worn for the constant strong tailwind, and feel I have enough for today with forty kilometers under the belt. Camp is quickly set. For the first time on my solo section, I cook some rice dinner, as I landed relatively early.
Tomorrow is headwinds, at least the afternoon quite strong, not sure yet if I like a rest day. It is my eighth day paddling in a row, including this short day from Kugluktuk which was everything but relaxing the hours before. Maybe Sunday sounds like a good day for a rest.