Sat 27/11-2021 Day 632

Pos: Pos: 16.2134,-98.1849
Loc: Laguna de Alotengo
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 46,5 km
Start: 07:20 End: 16:50

My neigboring beach restaurant people were so ‘friendly’ to leave on a bright light bulb over night…hmmm, just for me or do they do that every night? I have an en-suite-bathroom, no need to oriente myself outside. A scarf over my eyes does the job, as well a earplugs against the many barkin dogs and rooster noise. The men of the restaurant curiously watch me packing, and I learn how they work with an easy method to get their fellow fishing boats into the sea – simply give them a tow from an already floating one with running engine! I see three of them in a row launching like this, so easy, no menpower needed to push besides for the first one. Landing is always done with an impressive high-speed slide right to their parking spot on the moderate steep beach. I can push in easily by myself, jump on and ride safely off.
The water part reads similar to the last day, but my landing is supposed to be safely inside a pair of breakwaters leading into a natural lagoon. I have the satellite images on my mind, but unfortunately see a breaker over a shallow bar. I watch it for a while, and wen it comes to chose a landing to the left of the first breakwater on a touristically used little sheltered beach or to make it safely over the bar, I decide on a low set of breakers over the bar. No problem, I also can avois a set of rocks in the entrance. I am inside the lagoon, and have rather the risk to get stuck in shallow water. I land on a pile of sand dunes to my left which are not located there on my satellite image to get an overlook over a most beautiful shallow lagoon. To the right and starght ahead are a few beach restaurants, but the irregular sand dune pile to the left is my campsite for tonight. I launch again to land on a deep water bank to have an easy access to a high enough campsite. Perfect!
While I make camp, maybe twenty fishing boat make their defilée past my camp, I greet every single person in the boats, and smile about their approach of the shallows to get out of the lagoon to the open sea for night fishing. The youngster crews approach high-speed try to do a power-slide around a shallow corner, some make it, some get stuck. The older crews slowly but surely take a deep water detour around the shallows and mostly make it without getting stuck. A boat loaded with too many tourists to reach the other side is also stuck. Quite funny to watch!
I like to paddle tomorrow over sixty kilometers to reach the next breakwater entrance. I need to be on the water at six by very first light to make it!