Sun 07/07-2022 Day 716

Pos: 70.1859,-147.3501
Loc: before Tigvanak Island
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 38,8 km
Start: 04:15 End: 14:15

We have a bit of bad conscious having had a rest day yesterday, as in the afternoon, the wind is not too bad at all following, and it is dry. I am contemplating to go, but suddenly it is already late afternoon and we figure rather to start early and give our sore bodies a full rest day. I cannot sleep at night as I slept almost all morning, and read while listen to the wind going down to zero at midnight. Hmmm, if I would be by myself, I would go now…can I dare to wake Lilja? She is deeply asleep, and does not even wake up when I watch a deep red sun just over the horizon through the tent zippers. Does she set already for at least a few hours? After the warm red light, it becomes darker, but it is still fully light. I keep on reading, and when Lilja starts snoring around two o’clock, I need to kick her lightly to stop. She takes it as a sign to wake up to go, and agrees. She needs her well-two hours as always to get ready, while I try to nap for another hour. Not easy, but I am also keen to go now in the wind free hours. Yesterday I was teasing her why all camp pictures usually show her packing…yes, she always “lets me launch first”, as she says, as I am usually freezing on waiting on shore. Well, there is no babysitter packing and launching service booked on these dead calm shores, but please, lady, get going! But no, she needs to repack her stern as she thinks her boat is listing – not the first time. And we do not need to stop four times for pictures of the same oil site from too much of a distance anyway. And to turn off five-hundred meters for a pee stop without notice is also not very pleasant for the waiting paddling partner when there is a shoal coming very soon or she could pee kneeing in the boat on this dead calm water. Sometimes my patience gets a bit stressed. She sees reason and all is good again.
It feels a bit eerie this morning, it is no night, but also no daylight, and the oil site across our camp is well-lit and shines like a x-mas tree. We are lucky to find deep enough water everywhere, and cross through the right of the three bridges of the next oil jetty with no problems. We stop as usual at almost every spit, but it is back to cold hands and feet until we don our storm cags and pogies for general warmth. On the water, it feels much better, but on land, we are still freezing during lunch break. Back to Arctic temperatures, summer is over!
The announced twelve to fifteen knots headwind comes up after noon, and Lilja struggles a bit with the choppy waves and motivation in the headwind and cold. Despite music, she does not get her rhythm today, and I am not keeping her pushing through the well-doable headwind. When I spot a suitable campsite around our daily forty kilometers, we stop and call it a day. No reason to keep pushing hard. We are sill well in time for the season, at least now.
The spaghettis tonight have to be eaten again ‘doggie-style’, in the lack of a fork. On my knees, my face is almost dunking in my plate…