Sun 18/12-2022 Day 784

Pos: 08.0002,-80.3617
Loc: Punta Lisa
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 38,8 km
Start: 9:55 End: 17:50

What a lightshow last evening! Endless flashes every half second on all corners of the south-westerly sky, light grumble, winds fifteen knots, but not a single drop of rain. I watched more the lightshow than reading in the last hour before falling asleep. Beautiful nature. I once more dared to put in earlpugs, as here is nobody, and the surf noise is always annoying. The result is I sleep like a baby until six thirty, a time where I am usually already on the water. But not this morning, the sea looks horrible, the wind is still blowing strong. I will likely wait until the tide turns at eleven. But I am impatient and pack already at nine o’clock, just in case.
And at ten o’clock, I think I can launch into the choppy water. It is tricky to get afloat alone with those wind-driven very short period wave hitting the beach sideways. It is very likely I either get the cockpit full of water, turn sideways and am lost or get face washes. But I am so good…non of it happens. No drop in the cockpit or in my face, and I get straight out into the meter high choppy sea. I am again crawling along with three to four kilmeters per hour, but know it will smooth out soon when the tide turns and the wind drops down again. But will I reach my goal, the edge of the wide corner bay in forty kilometers with this speed?
I almost fall asleep on my audio book and switch to music. My body works not easy when I am starting later than usual, and it takes time to get my rhythm. But my speed increases by the hour, and around three o’clock, the magic happens – unforecasted south-westerly following wind and seas! My ETA to the corner point comes in reach before darkness. I pass a few river mouths, but the usual breakers are barely visible and I can cross straight through the areas. A breakwater with a boat landing provides shelter and Sunday-afternoon beach life, but I do not need those places to land. The shore break is nothing, and especially on low tide, I can land anywhere.
I chose a place close to the point, but notice I cross a low breaker zone of a shallow area. I just about stay afloat, until I see a good beach spot without trees. Access goes through some ankle-deep mud from my landing point, but I can walk, and the water rises soon that I can wash my feet after unloading. Maybe I should have stopped before the breaker line. But as I do not know if I will cross the bay or rail the shallow mangrove coast with few river landings, I like to keep as short distance as possible. See what the forecast does tomorrow. It is supposed to be strong winds, Tuesday and Wednesday is much better. I will likely not cross, but rail the coast and reach the marina in two half days. The access river to the marina falls dry on low tide, which is just in the evening, so even if I would cross, I cannot enter.